Second year students travelled to our Boetius Centre in Wales on an exciting and action-packed team building trip last week.

The boys went rock climbing and caving in the Brecon Beacons. While not everyone liked caves, the boys encouraged each other and helped each other through the cold, muddy passageways!

The favourite activity was gorge walking, where boys could crawl through waterfalls and swim in the river. Mr Evans and Miss Boorman also ran a session on resilience while in Wales – this was the perfect opportunity to see resilience in action and continued on from their sessions with tutor groups.

Binyamin Javaid said “The purpose of the Boetius trip was to make us more resilient and that’s exactly what it did! Whether it was from jumping off waterfalls or just being without your parents. My favourite bit was the gorge walking, because it was something I hadn’t done before, and I really enjoyed it. We tried things we didn’t necessarily like, such as being dunked under water and we enjoyed time with our friends.”

Overall, this was a very successful trip and all boys returned happy and excited from these new experiences.

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