HeadmasterMr A J S Kennedy, MA (Cambridge)
Deputy HeadmasterMr E A du Toit, MA (London)
Deputy Head, Pastoral
Miss S Ward, BSc (Birmingham)
Director of Studies
Mr N H Denman, MA (Oxford)
Head of Lower and Middle Schools
Mr S Powell, BSc, MEd (Durham, Cambridge)
Head of Sixth Form
Ms A M Geldeard, BA, MA (Cambridge)
Director of Teaching & Learning
Mr A J Corstorphine, MA, MPhil (Cambridge)
Director of Co- Curricular Activities
Mr J G Timm, BA (Cambridge)
Mrs J Stanley, BA (CCAT), ACA
Junior Year
Mr S D King
First YearMr S M Hodge
Second YearMiss V J Boorman
Third YearMr J C Munnery
Fourth YearMr G C Beresford-Miller
Fifth YearMr L D Benedict
Lower SixthMr J E Pietersen
Deputy Head of Lower and Middle SchoolsMiss H Whiteford

Mr M I Aldridge, BEd (London) Design Technology, Head of Upper Sixth
Mr S R Allison, BA (Durham) Spanish*
Mr M Asbury, BSc (Bath) Mathematics, Internal Exams*
Dr M S Asquith, BA, MA, PhD (London) English
Mr H Baggs, MSc (UCL) Maths
Ms D S Bala, BDS (Chennai) Biology
Miss R C Bainbridge, MA (Durham) Maths
Ms N M Beaumont, MA, MSc (Oxford) Mathematics*
Mr L D Benedict, BA (Bristol) English, Head of Fourth Year
Mr O J Benjamin, BA (Durham) German, Spanish
Mrs I M Bennett, BEd (Leeds Beckett) Biology
Ms H A Benzinski, BSc (London) Mathematics, DofE Co-ordinator
Mr G C Beresford-Miller, BA (Rhodes) Physical Education, Clubs and Societies Co-ordinator
Mrs K A Beresford-Miller, BA (King’s London) Religious Studies*
Mr R M Biggs,BSc (Cardiff) DT
Mr P J Blanchard, BSc, MBA (Exeter, Warwick) Chemistry
Mrs N Blamire-Marin, BA (Granada) Lectora, Spanish
Miss V J Boorman, BA (King’s London) Classics
Mrs M Bromberg, MSc (Imperial) Chemistry, Biology
Mr T M Brooks, BA (Leeds) Physical Education
Ms C Burke, BSc, MSc (University College, Dublin)
Mrs S I Cater, BA, MPhil (King’s, London, Queensland) English, Drama, Assistant Head of Year (Sixth Form)
Mr C S Chambers, BA (Cambridge) Drama Productions*
Mr T W Chesters, BSc (Strathclyde) Design Technology, Assistant Director of Studies, Head of Information Management
Mr S W Christian, BA (Liverpool) French, Spanish
Mr R Collins, BSc, MSc (Goldsmiths) Psychology
Mr W A Woma, BA (Leeds) Art
Mr D W G Currigan, BA, MA (Chelsea, Kingston) Design Technology*
Mr T J Desbos, LCE (Lille) French
Mr F K Doepel, BSc (Lancaster) Economics and Business*
Mr A B Doyle, MA, MA (Glasgow, Open) English*
Mrs R Doyle, BEd (Glasgow) SEN Teacher
Mr T D Drake, BSc, MSc (St Mary’s University College, Roehampton) Junior Science
Ms P Eberlin, BA (Durham) French
Mr M A Edwards, BSc (Loughborough) Physical Education*
Miss J S Eminsang, BA (Manchester) Mathematics, Head of Junior Maths
Miss T Escacena, BA (Seville) Spanish
Mr N S Evans, BA (Nottingham) History, Politics
Mr R E Evans, Dip Perf (Royal College of Music) Head of Piano
Mr L M Flanagan, BA (Cambridge) Physics*
Mrs A A Fulker, BA (Oxford Brookes) Art, Head of Personal Development
Mr F J Gabbitass, BA (Bath) Physical Education
Mr M J Gee, BSc (Lougborough) Maths
Mr N A Giles, BA (Liverpool John Moores) Head of Hockey
Mrs M K Gillett, BEng (Kingston), DPhil (Sussex) SEN Teacher
Mr R J Gorrie, BA (Oxford) Music
Mr R M Greenberg, MA (Oxford) Biology
Mr T Heath, BSc, MSc (Sheffield, Bristol) Biology, Junior Science
Miss R E Hodder, BA (SOAS, London) History
Mr S M Hodge, BA (Exeter) Religious Studies
Mr R M Holdsworth, BA, MA (Oxford) Music*
Mr L Husnu, BA (East Anglia) Director of Drama*
Mr O J Hutchings, BA, MA (York) History, Politics & in Charge of Politics
Miss S J Justin, BA (Reading) Economics & Business Studies
Mrs D E M Kemp, BA, MA (Southampton, Institute of Education) English
Mr I Kench, BSc, MSc (Loughborough, Oxford) Geography, Physical Education, Director of Rugby, Head of Sports Development*
Mr S D King, BA (Manchester Metropolitan) Physical Education, Head of Junior Year, Head of Aquatics
Ms P-S Lin, BA, MA (Taiwan, UCL) Chinese*
Ms A Long, Physical Education
Mrs C D Lowry, BA (Oxford) Religious Studies, Drama
Mr D J P Lydon, BA, MA (Dublin) English
Mr A E Magee, MA (St Andrews) English
Miss K J Manisier, MSc (Imperial) Physics
Dr M Mariani, BSc, PhD (Kent, UCL) Physics
Mr P Mazur, BA, MA (Wales, London) Drama, Contingent Commander CCF
Mrs S J McDonald, MA (St Andrews) Head of Learning Support
Mr S A McIntosh, MA (Oxford) German*
Mrs K Molteni, BA (Hull) History
Mr R D Moralee, BSc (Johannesburg) Biology*
Mr S Munday, BA (West of England) Geography
Mr P D Murphy, BA (Cambridge) History
Mr J C Munnery, BSc (Nottingham) Geography
Mr S Orungbamade, BEd (Nigeria) Economics and Business
Mr S D Page, BSc (Sussex) Computer Science
Miss C A Parkinson, BSc, MsC (Sussex, UCL) Psychology*, Science
Mr B J Patel, MA (Cambridge) Mathematics, Physics
Mr B Patel, MSc (UCL) Mathematics
Mr J A Paterson, BA (Cambridge) Classics
Mr C P Persinaru, DipRAM, (LRAM) Music, Head of Strings
Mrs R J Petty, MA (Oxford) English, Drama, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs X L Phasey, MA (Schiller, International) Chinese
Mrs A Prestney, BA (Durham) Geography
Mr J E Pietersen, BA (Cambridge) History, Politics, Head of Second Year
Mr D K Price, BA (Wimbledon College of Art) Design Technology, Director of Admissions
Dr A A Randolph, MA, PhD (Oxford, Nottingham) Maths
Mrs S J Rapoport, BEd (Twickenham) Academic Mentor
Mrs L Regan, BMus, (LRAM) Music
Mr A Reza, BEng (Queen Mary, London) Physics
Mr M D Richbell, BSc (Liverpool) Director of Sport*
Mr P J Roberts, BSc (Bath) Physical Education, Economics & Business
Dr D P Robinson, MA, DPhil (Oxford) Chemistry
Dr K R Rogers, BSc, PhD (Cardiff, London) Chemistry*
Mr C P Ruck, BSc (Southampton) Geography*
Dr J N Rush, Ba, PhD, MPhil (Cambridge) English
Mr M P Ryan, BA (Oxford) English, Teacher Development, EPQ Co-ordinator
Mr R M Salmanpour, BSc (London) Chemistry
Mrs V C Salin, MA (Rouen, Northumbria) French*
Mr S D Schofield, BSc (Worcester) Physical Education, Head of Cricket, Cricket Academy
Mr L Signorelli, BSc (Bath) Economics
Mr A E Smith, BA, MA, MSc (York, London) Religious Studies
Mr J J Snelling, BSc, MA,CGeog (Swansea, London) Geography, Head of Staff Development
Ms J L Snowdon, BA (Epsom) Art
Mr G Spreng, MA (Glasgow ) History*
Mrs F M Stedman, BA, MA (Leeds, Bristol) Religious Studies
Mrs B J Steven, BA (Cape Town) English, EAL
Ms T Stevens-Lewis, BA, MA (Goldsmiths) Art, i/c Photography
Mr J E Stone, BA (Cambridge) Classics*
Ms C S Story, BA (Durham) English
Mr T M Strange, BA, MA (Goldsmiths) Art*
Ms E M Suarez, BA (Juan Carlos 1, Rey de Espana) Lectora, Spanish and French
Miss A Sukiennik, BA, MA (Paris X) Lectrice, French
Mr D J Swinson, MA, FRCO, ARCM, (LRAM, Cambridge) Director of Music*
Mrs S Z Taylor, BSc (Exeter) Mathematics, Professional Co-ordinating Mentor
Mr W S Tucker, BSc (Exeter) Head of Science*, Physics
Mrs T A Upton, BSc (Warwick) Mathematics
Miss S T Van Dal, BA, MA (Cambridge, UCL) Classics
Mr R van Graan, BA (Canterbury Christchurch) Director of Digital Strategy*
Miss R M Walker, BMus (Birmingham Conservatoire) Music, Head of Lower School Music
Mrs Q Wang, BA (Henan Institute of Finance) Chinese
Mrs C E Webb, BSc (Bath) Maths
Miss H C Whiteford, BSc (Durham) Religious Studies, Head of Third Year
Mr R J Wickes, BSc (Warwick) Mathematics
Mrs C-J Wilkinson, BSc (Glasgow) Biology
Mr F R Wilson, BSc (Southampton) Chemistry
Miss J Wiskow, MA (Wuppertal, Berlin) German, Girls’ Games*

Manager Mr S Gibberd
Deputy Managers Mr C Porter
  Mr T Guise-Brown
  Miss L Charlton
Head of Football Mr D M Kingston
Hockey Coach Mr W P Byas
Swimming Coach Mr R Collins
Water polo Coach Mr I G Marsh
Cricket Coach Mr D Edwards
Cricket Professional Mr A Brown
Sports Centre Direct Line 020 8662 5197

Mrs B A Atkinson – Receptionist
Mrs J E Binley – Pastoral PA
Mr T K Blyth – PE Administrative Assistant
Ms A Boe, MSc (Loughborough) – Music Timetabler
Miss L Breunig – German Assistant
Mrs S Brown – Biology Technician
Mr D Burn, BA (Essex) – Theatre Technician
Mrs C L Burrage – Head of Community Action
Mrs S Carr – HR Assistant
Mr M Cheyne – ICT Technician
Mrs D Clancy – School Nurse
Mr P M Corish – ICT Technician
Mr M G Damen – Development Assistant
Mrs R De Sousa – Counsellor (counsellor@trinity.croydon.sch.uk)
Mrs M R Duncombe – School Office Manager
Mrs S Eagling – Data Assistant, Community Action Assistant
Mrs E Ennis – Dept. Assistant for Chinese, Geography and CPD
Ms K E Eynon (MA) – Marketing Manager
Mr G Ferguson – Estates Manager
Mrs R Freeman – DLL, iPad and Languages Assistant
Mr P S Friend – Film & Photography Assistant
Mr J P Harris – Head Groundsman
Mrs L Harvey-Shipp – Careers Administrator
Mrs P A Hayes – Admissions Assistant
Mr T M Haynes – Fleet Manager
Mrs S F Highmore, MA (Cambridge) – Head of Careers
Mr G J Houlden – DT Teaching Assistant
Mrs C L Jackson RGN – Lead School Nurse
Mrs S E Jakes – Examinations Officer
Mrs J Johnson, MIBIOL – Chemistry Technician
Mrs M A Johnson – Head of Alumni Relations
Mrs D L Jonesco – Events Co-Ordinator and Marketing Assistant
Mr D P Jupp – Maintenance
Mr P Jupp – Building Services Manager
Dr E A Kilbey, D.Clin.Psy – School Psychologist
Mr J Killick – Groundsman
Mrs J Lake, BA (Warwick) – Assistant Bursar
Mrs A H Lenihan – Marketing Assistant
Mrs D Lowe – School Office Assistant
Mr J Martin – Plumbing and Heating Engineer
Mrs L McCann – Art Technician
Mr E E McGowan – Deputy ICT Manager
Mrs P S Meyer – Admissions Registrar
Miss A Mian – Artist in Residence
Mr J P Millbanks – CCF, Outdoor Activities
Mrs E Morris – PA to Director of Co-Curricular Activities
Mr H Muller – Assistant Porter
Mrs T Murphy – Music Secretary
Mrs L Nixon – Library Assistant
Mrs A Oakes – Archive Manager and Events Co-ordinator
Ms K Parlain, BA, MA (UCL) – Librarian
Mrs M L Price – Attendance Officer
Mrs M Rawal – Departmental Assistant for Classics and RS
Miss G E Rawlins – Estates Department Secretary
Mr S Reddish – System Administrator
Ms S Redican – Sixth Form Admissions
Mrs A Sadiq – History and Maths Assistant
Mrs L Saint, BA (Newcastle) – PA to Deputy Head Pastoral, Head of Lower and Middle Schools and Head of Sixth Form
Mr D A Sammut – Building Services Manager
Mr M Sammut – Head Porter
Miss S Scribbins – IT Graduate
Mr A Shine – Apprentice Groundsman
Mrs L D Smith – School Data Manager
Mr D Smith – Maintenance
Mrs E G Spence – Departmental Assistant: Drama, Economics, Psychology
Mrs B J Steven, BA (Cape Town) – English Assistant
Mr G Stratford – Electrician
Mr P Todd – Head Gardner
Miss N Tolleret – French Language Assistant
Mrs C Townsend-  Music Assistant
Mrs K Walsh – Headmaster’s PA
Mr R Walton – Deputy Head Groundsman
Mrs L Weeks-Greener – Receptionist
Mrs H F Wickes – Music Administrator
Mr A Wildsmith – Apprentice Groundsman

Mrs D Wilson – School Office Assistant
Mrs J Wilson – PA to the Deputy Headmaster, Director of Studies and Director of Teaching & Learning

Mrs E C Wood – Development Manager
Mr D T Young, FRSA, MA, LLM – Director of Development