Student Wellbeing


A culture of care

Student wellbeing is of paramount importance at Trinity.

The first duty of every member of staff is always to act in the best interests of the child. Every student is known as an individual, and this allows teachers to notice signs such as a change in behaviour or mood that could indicate that a young person is struggling academically, socially or emotionally. Tutors and Heads of Year take a lead role in supporting students and liaising with parents on pastoral matters. The Pastoral Team are all trained in Mental Health First Aid, and they work alongside the nurses, counsellor and clinical psychologist to provide both physical and mental health support to our students.

Through tutor and assembly time activities, and in their individual interactions with members of staff, students are encouraged to think about important interpersonal qualities, such as kindness, empathy, courtesy and personal responsibility. These character traits are further considered and cultivated through our Personal Development curriculum and the Sixth Form Diploma, through which we deliver PSHE content.

Trinity fosters a caring atmosphere where boys can flourish and excel.

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Personal development

Students have time to focus on personal development through dedicated lessons, tutor time discussions and off-timetable events. Topics we cover include:

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Identity and values
  • Positive relationships and antibullying
  • Safety and online safety

Activities designed to build resilience and teamwork are also included within this programme, with a particular focus in the 2nd Year (Year 8), through a bespoke resilience course and our Boetius Outdoor Activities Trip. In Sixth Form, specialist visiting speakers also form part of the Diploma programme and students are able to take on volunteering mentoring and leadership roles, giving back to their school and wider community.


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