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We are committed to providing all of our students with opportunities to extend their learning beyond the curriculum.
In developing a well-rounded, intellectually curious profile that includes both academic and co-curricular pursuits, our students confidently progress on to higher education and beyond.

They are actively encouraged to seek out ways in which they can apply the knowledge they have learnt in the classroom to a wider context. Whether it be through competitions, group challenges, essay prizes, trips, or additional workshops, we support them in asking questions about the wider world and developing independent thought.


The Trinity Diploma

Through the Trinity Diploma, our Sixth Form enrichment programme, students go beyond the curriculum to engage critically with the world around them. We foster an environment of self-motivation and independent thinking, encouraging students to take responsibility for their development.

By undertaking a research-based, independent project centred on their academic passions, students can explore a topic they’re interested in outside of the classroom, on their own terms.  These projects can either take the form of an artefact – a physical product of some kind; such as an art piece, video essay, or coding project – or a dissertation.

Students are given time and space in their Diploma sessions each week to develop their ideas and plan their approach. They are also introduced to a variety of research skills crucial to the development of their project.

Independent Study

Enrichment and Electives


Leadership and Community


Middle School Award

Throughout our students’ time here they will doubtless achieve success in examinations, but it is also important that they develop as an individual. What happens outside the classroom is just as important as what happens inside.

Our Middle School Award is bespoke to each individual, and designed as an opportunity for students to drive their broader education, reflect on who they are, and who they want to become.

It runs through seven terms, from the start of the Third Year, up to the end of the Autumn term of Fifth Year. Students plan ahead, identify opportunities, spot gaps and reflect on what they have learnt, whilst working towards a Diploma Certificate at the end of the Fifth Year.

Academic Endeavour

Looking Outwards

Broadening Horizons



Lower School Award

Education is about more than what happens in the classroom; it is about developing into the very best person you can be.

Our Lower School Award is unique, and designed to incorporate of all the opportunities students have ahead of them when they join us. It is an opportunity for each individual to reflect on the personal attributes and qualities they want to develop.

Our Lower School Award runs through the six terms of a student’s first and second years. Students will plan the team ahead, identify opportunities, spot gaps and then reflect on what has happened and what they have learnt, working towards a Diploma Certificate at the end of the Second Year.


Academic Discovery



He loves getting involved in all the extracurricular activities.

Trinity Parent

Societies & Clubs

We are proud to offer our students a wide range of societies and clubs to enrich their academic experience, alongside our sport teams and musical groups.

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We are delighted to welcome a number of visitors to the school each year, who come and speak to, and work with, our students.  Notable visitors from recent years include:

  • Professor Clare Elwell, Medical Physics and Director of Near Infared Spectroscopy Group, UCL
  • Professor Rob Buckland, Professor of Saxophone, Royal Northern College of Music
  • Professor Tim Broyd, Former President of the Institute of Civil Engineers
  • Dr Simon Robertson, Lecturer of Philosophy at Cardiff University
  • Professor Julian Ma, Hotung Professor of Molecular Immunology at St. George’s University of London
  • Professor David Colling, Professor of Physics and e-Science at Imperial College London
  • Professor Peter O’Hare, Chair in Virology at Imperial College London
  • José Enrique Castillo Barrantes, Costa Rican Ambassador
  • Benny Dembitzer, Economist and Nobel Peace Prize Winner
  • Jeremy Bowen, Journalist and BBC war correspondent

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