Want to fly a plane, climb mountains, learn to sail and make friends?

The CCF offers life-changing experiences: From power boating to completing an obstacle course, joining provides so many opportunities to challenge yourself, develop skills, and work as part of a team.

Life skills

The CCF aims to develop life skills and confidence that can help you reach your potential at school and beyond.

It offers young people a broad range of exciting, adventurous and educational activities, designed to enable the development of personal responsibility, leadership and self-discipline.



Responsibility and leadership

Through enjoyable military-themed activities, cadets have the opportunity to develop their sense of responsibility and the qualities of self-reliance, resourcefulness, endurance, perseverance and a sense of service to the community. The acquisition of these personal attributes at a formative stage will remain of value throughout the cadets’ lives and will be relevant far beyond their school days.

At Trinity, our CCF consists of an Army, Navy, and RAF section. Whichever section you join, you will build skills like teamwork, confidence and self-discipline, as well as having the opportunity to take on leadership roles. These are all skills vital to the workplace.

In the Army Section, on average, cadets serve around four years and training is steadily progressive. Cadets follow a syllabus called the Army Proficiency Certificate (APC).

The Royal Navy proficiency syllabus bases its training on leadership, afloat activities and adventurous training.

The RAF also offers an exciting and challenging cadet experience, based around flying and aviation.

In addition, there are over a hundred courses to choose from throughout the year, many leading to nationally-recognised qualifications. Cadets can do scuba diving within school, and go on training courses that provide experience in activities such as mountaineering, mountain biking, rock climbing, ice-climbing, skiing and flying.

Cadets have the opportunity to gain nationally recognised qualifications.

Beyond Trinity

Each summer, the Army, Navy and RAF run training camps which we recommend cadets attend as the experiences gained there last a lifetime.

Our contingent works very closely with the regular forces but there is no expectation that they join the military.

As part of the CCF you will actively participate in life beyond the classroom and in doing so learn a wide range of skills, not taught anywhere else, that will prepare you for becoming effective members of our society.


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