Life in the Lower and Middle Schools

The transition from primary to secondary school can be daunting but we aim to make the move as smooth as possible.
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Pastoral Care
Whether joining in the Junior Year, First Year or Third Year, from the first day of term supportive Form Tutors and a team of staff and peers help students achieve their potential.

In the Lower and Middle Schools, students develop the skills to become independent learners. They also make great friendships and have experiences they will never forget.

Our teaching staff bring learning to life in well-resourced classrooms, laboratories, studios and workshops. There is a wealth of opportunities to explore: From sport to music and drama, existing interests combine with new adventures.


Beyond the Classroom

Education is about more than what happens in the classroom; it is about developing into the very best person you can be.

We provide a safe and stable community; one which values respect, compassion and understanding. We want our students to grow to be the best version of themselves.

A sense of community

Trinity is more than a school.  We are a community and we care about the wider community we exist in. Throughout our students’ time here they will learn about themselves, their community, other people and the world, in many ways.

Watch our short video to hear from our teachers and students.

I can see growth and stretch in my son but feel he has been supported throughout.

Trinity Parent

The Lower and Middle School Awards

Our Lower School and Middle School Awards represent an opportunity for our younger students to reflect on the personal attributes and qualities they want to develop.

Students plan ahead, identify opportunities, spot gaps and then reflect on what has happened and what they have learnt, working towards a certificate at the end of the Second Year or Fifth Year, respectively. They develop leadership skills and build resilience; the ability to learn from mistakes, to set goals and work towards them and overcome setbacks. Achieving academic success is only one aspect of what it means to be at Trinity.

These awards are bespoke to each individual. Engaging fully in this programme helps to develop a love of learning beyond just learning for exams and grades, and a willingness to try new things and collaborate with others, whilst developing personal, physical, and social skills.

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