A group of Trinity musicians were delighted to be invited to participate in a very special musical project in Tuscany last week. The collaboration, entitled Caleidoscopio involved students from music schools in Italy and Spain alongside 10 of our gifted young musicians from the First to Third Year.  

Taking place in Teatro Roma in the beautiful town of Castagneto Carducci, the students gave three recitals and worked on an orchestral project over the four days.  

However, the project started with a unique introduction to the town by the local Mayor. Mr Evans, Head of Piano, says, “We were led through the streets following a marching wind band and were greeted by all the local residents as we were paraded down to the concert hall for the first concert, given in our honour!” 

The trip proved a wonderful opportunity for our musicians to work and perform with our European colleagues, developing new language and communication skills, but also enhancing their own performing confidence.  

Mr Evans continues, “It was fantastic to see the camaraderie grow as the performances progressed, with new friends made and future projects discussed.”  

All performances were highly anticipated, well attended and the students deserved the rapturous applause from the enthusiastic audiences. 

The students all thoroughly enjoyed the experience and commented: 

“The atmosphere around music with the Italian audience was something I will never forget.” James Bradburn, Third Year – bassoon. 

“The Tuscany trip was a great musical opportunity for me to improve my solo performance and I enjoyed playing in the concerts.” Benjy Day, Third Year – flute. 

“I really enjoyed meeting and talking to other talented musicians from other countries.” Sebastian Heitz, First Year – violin. 

“It was amazing, and probably the best trip I’ve had.” Ethan Hua, Third Year – violin. 

“It was nice socialising with the Spanish kids, and it was interesting talking to the Italian ones who didn’t speak English.” Haocheng Wang, Second Year – violin. 

“I loved performing for the Italian audiences, they were so friendly, they really made me feel very special.” Oliver Michael, First Year – violin. 

Additional musicians who took part include: Lucian Joshi, First Year – violin; Georges Wright, First Year – violin; Gabriel Newlands, Third Year – trumpet; and Ben Abraham, Third Year (and Steinway Scholar) – piano / trombone. 

Ben Abraham in Tuscany

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