Congratulations to two students who performed exceptionally well in the recent UK Mathematical Trust (UKMT) Olympiads for their respective age groups. 

Third Year student Naku and Fifth Year student Finn had automatically qualified for the Cayley and Maclaurin Olympiad rounds following high scores in the Intermediate Mathematical Challenge. This round of events is designed to challenge the students’ conceptional understanding of Mathematics, intuition and ability to reason to the highest level. Nationally, only the top 600 students from each year group qualify for this prestigious event. Both Olympiads are two-hour challenges that consist of six problems requiring full written answers. 

We’re thrilled to announce that Finn achieved a Merit award in the Maclaurin Olympiad (for Year 12 and below) and Naku achieved a Distinction in the Cayley Olympiad (for Year 10 and below). Naku’s performance places him in the top 50 in the country and therefore earned him a silver medal and a book prize. 

Mr Kennedy was delighted to present Naku with his medal 1-2-1 while school assemblies are on hold due to the exam season. 

Naku says, “I am really pleased to have done so well in the Cayley Olympiad and to have received a medal. Preparation is key and I worked hard for this challenge. I completed a number of past papers and even tried a few papers for the level above me to make sure I was as prepared as possible.” 

Mr Patel, Teacher of Maths who organises students’ participation in the UKMT Maths challenges, says, “Given the sheer difficulty of these Mathematical Olympiads, it is remarkable how well both students have done. I have no doubt that they will build on this success as they compete for a qualification into the British Mathematical Olympiad next year, which is designed to challenge Sixth Form mathematicians.” 

Congratulations to both students who have a history of success in the UKMT Olympiads. 

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