Numbers at the whole school Sport Psychology drop-in sessions via Teams are growing quickly each week.

“Sport Psychology club runs every Thursday on Teams between 13.30 and 14.15 and all students are welcome to attend. They just need to sign up via the SOCS website,” says Mr Kench, Director of Sport.

Presentations such as this one are created after the sessions and these are made up of quotes, ideas and definitions from student answers.

Attendees range from J-bugs right through to Sixth Form students, points out Mr O’Connor, PE Administrator and Sports Coach, who says that the level of ideas and discussion has been ‘astounding’.

He adds: “It is widely accepted that physical training and progression is essential when trying to develop into an elite athlete. However, surprisingly, so many aspiring athletes do not have the same attitude when it comes to their mentality and psychological approach. If you take time to analyse the world of top-level sport, when it comes to general skill level and physical fitness, it is apparent that little separates everyone. So, the question remains, why has Roger Federer been so successful? Why has Tiger Woods been so dominant?

“The answer lies within their mental approach, their mindset, and their willingness to psychologically prepare. The very best are determined to gain every edge they can. Their minds are focussed, sharp, and addicted to exploring ways to improve. Sports Psychology at Trinity gives an insight into the mind of these ultimate winners. We look at strategies, techniques and tools that propel superstars like Lionel Messi and Usain Bolt to be as successful as they are.

“The pre-performance routine presentation is just one example of how the level of understanding into sports psychology is quickly developing amongst the athletes at Trinity. These tools were created solely from student quotes and opinions, reflecting their appreciation of psychological preparation and the power of mental techniques within performance. Do join the Whole School Sport Psychology drop-in sessions if you are determined to enhance your mental capabilities, helping you to gain that competitive edge over others!”




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