Last week, Trinity played Bromley High School in round three of the Hans Woyda Mathematics competition.

Congratulations to our team of students who won with a final score of 56-19. The group worked extremely well together and this coordination and teamwork shone through, particularly in the team round, where they scored full marks.

Impressively, three of the team (Isaac Flannagan, Varun Ravikumar and George Ogden) did not make a single mistake throughout the match.

The full team were:

  • Isaac Flanagan (Upper Sixth)
  • Krish Oza (Lower Sixth)
  • Daniel Warren (Lower Sixth)
  • George Ogden (Fifth Year)
  • Varun Ravikumar (Fifth Year)
  • Dominic Coates (Third Year)
  • Zain Lam (Third Year)

Congratulations to the team, we are hopeful you will go through to the knockout rounds in the new year!


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