We’re delighted to announce that Upper Sixth student Ben L has been selected for Deloitte’s prestigious BrightStart Apprenticeship scheme and will join the firm in September. This is a highly competitive earn-while-you-learn apprenticeship, giving participants the opportunity to gain professional and degree level qualifications.  

Here Ben reflects on his experience and offers advice to other students considering the same path: 

“The main reason I wanted to apply for an apprenticeship, rather than go to university, came from my current job. I really enjoy my job as a waiter, and it has shown me that getting straight out to full-time work is what I want to do when I finish my A Levels. Working has given me a new set of skills and views in a real-world environment that schools can sometimes struggle to. These skills include how to talk to customers, be engaging and how to work in a group consisting of a mixture of ages and experience and to succeed as a team rather than as an individual. 

“Another important factor in deciding that an apprenticeship is the best route for me – and could be for others – is that I know what work I want to do. This for me is accountancy, however apprenticeships are available in many different industries.  

“My search for an apprenticeship in accounting began in early October 2022. The first step was to speak with Mrs Highmore, Head of Careers at Trinity, about exactly what I was looking for and where I could find it. She suggested multiple different websites including ratemyapprenticeship.co.uk and this was the one I used primarily and therefore would recommend to anyone. I then needed to register for different companies and the first round of interviews began. After this first stage I was unsuccessful far more than I was successful. This to me was the most challenging part of the process, as receiving emails and ‘phone calls to say I had not been accepted was frustrating and demoralising. Despite these setbacks, and with the support of Mrs Highmore, I continued applying and interviewing. What I now know is that you only have to be successful once to feel ecstatic! 

“Soon after school finished for Christmas, I received a ‘phone call from Deloitte to tell me they would like me to join their BrightStart Apprenticeship scheme. The feeling I got from this phone call was incredible. I think this was because it felt so personal, as by then Deloitte knew so much about me. The application process had six unique stages and I had spent many hours answering questions about myself and explaining why I wanted to join their company, and that time paid off. Mrs Highmore’s support made all this possible, from advice on how to appear in an interview to even doing mock interviews. This thorough preparation led to my success. 

“Though the process was challenging, I would recommend it to any student who knows now what career path they want to go down and feels it is a better route for them than university. The rigorous interview process gave me a small window into the world of work and better yet, how to thrive in it. Finding an apprenticeship does require some level of resilience and I would warn anyone who tries not to give up too quickly. You learn from every step and every rejection, and it only takes one good interview or one bit of luck to land you the position you want. I feel lucky to know what my future holds once I leave Trinity and am looking forward to entering the workplace to begin a new challenging chapter.  

“If you are interested in an apprenticeship, I would strongly advise that you visit Mrs Highmore or another member of the Careers Department to discuss with them exactly what you are looking for. If they don’t know whether it’s right for you, then I’m not sure anybody does!” 

Mrs Highmore says, “This was a very demanding process and Ben approached it in a mature way. He has been very committed, has worked hard and thoroughly deserves being selected for this prestigious apprenticeship. We’re very proud of him and wish him every success in his future career.” 

If any students would like to discuss applying for a degree apprenticeship, please speak to the Careers Department

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