Our six-yearly inspection of the school took place in June, with a team from the Independent Schools Inspectorate spending four days meeting staff and students, observing lessons and activities, and scrutinising our policies and procedures.

Two judgments are made at the end of this process, for Pupils’ Achievement and for Pupils’ Personal Development. We were delighted to be awarded the top category of ‘Excellent’ in both.

Beyond this, however, the findings were most complimentary about the school’s success in meeting its aim – to nurture extraordinary young people.

The report, which is available here, comments not just on our students’ ambition but also on the all-round nature of their achievements whereby ‘pupils achieve outstanding success academically and in a wide range of co-curricular activities’ and ‘combine outstanding intellectual curiosity with a strong willingness to think independently.’

“Congratulations, and thank you, to everyone for your contribution to this,” says Al Kennedy, Headmaster.

“The report captures what we believe is the most important part of our ethos, that ‘pupils actively support each other in a collaborative atmosphere’, and they are ‘highly confident and self-assured independent learners, yet possess a conspicuous level of humility'.”

Al Kennedy, Headmaster

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