Our Lower School pupils performed a showcase of Drama delights when they returned from half term to a packed audience of parents and fellow students.

Mr Husnu’s JBug class (JW) and Mr Chambers’ Second Year class had been busy rehearsing for many weeks, which paid off as our Mitre Theatre was filled with parents eagerly anticipating an evening that turned out to be the hottest tickets on offer at Trinity since Oliver! The Second Year’s performance of Ernie’s Incredible Hallucinations, which included a wonderful ensemble style piece of drama, over-exaggerated characters, and use of a stylised set, told the story of a young boy has day dreams that come to life. Not only visually impressive,  the boys demonstrated a high level of understanding from their drama lessons by producing an original script, with fantastic production values, in a short amount of time. The JBug’s demonstrated boundless enthusiasm and fearless characterisation in an original pantomime.

It was enjoyed by all with some surprising, and somewhat brave, use of costume and makeup. The boys revelled in their roles and showed what they were made of, even when there were a few technical glitches.  Did they freeze and cower in embarrassment? No! They played on and sang where music was absent.

Mr Husnu, Head of Drama, said: “To say that I am proud of their achievements thus far is an understatement. Parents left feeling proud of the quality of the showcase, and looking forward to the next opportunity to enjoy such an entertaining evening!”

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