Congratulations to the following Trinity students who all achieved success in their London Academy of Music & Dramatic Art (LAMDA) examinations last term. Preparing for the practical examinations in speech, communication and performance encourages students of all ages to develop vital self-confidence, initiative and communication skills. 

The recent examination successes highlight the effort of each of the current students, as they become more adept at using staging, and making effective vocal and physical choices, to tell their stories. Congratulations to: 

  • Aarush – Grade 1 Acting, Distinction 
  • Joseph – Grade 3 Acting, Distinction 
  • Raayan – Grade 3 Speaking Verse and Prose, Distinction 
  • Oliver – Grade 4 Acting, Merit 
  • Anish – Grade 8 Acting, Distinction 

LAMDA student spotlight 

Miss Reeve, Trinity’s LAMDA Teacher, reflects on Anish’s approach to his Grade 8 examination. She says, “Concentrating on his Grade 8 achievement, Anish has shown exceptional personal responsibility in the exploration and research for his three roles. Performing from Romeo and Juliet, his Friar Lawrence was a cajoling manipulator.

“His performance of Singing Boy from Nadia Fall’s Home required an appreciation of how homelessness can shape identity and resilience, whilst questioning the provision for young people living in shelters.  

“Finally, engaging with the metatheatrical opening of Chekhov’s The Seagull, Anish’s own interest in Architecture enabled him to draw parallels between the character’s passion for potential new forms of theatre and his own ideas about the use of space.   

“Anish’s technical performance skills combined with his natural curiosity to understand the worlds he was depicting, resulted in a sensitive performance invested with meaning. He is very deserving of his Distinction achievement, well done Anish.” 

Trinity teachers who specialise in the LAMDA syllabi offer one-to-one tuition, if you would like more information about lessons or to join the waiting list, please contact Miss Reeve on tsr@trinity.croydon.sch.uk  

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