Trinity’s first evening of solo song performances – Liederabend – was greatly enjoyed by the audience of parents gathered in the Recital Hall this week. The programme was planned by our Head of Singing, Ms Fuge, along with Mr Sharkey and Mr Mulroy.

Eighteen senior singers presented – from memory – a variety of songs, while ten student pianists provided accompaniments. The evening also featured a beautifully delivered duet by Schumann by Ms Fuge and Mr Mulroy.

Liederabend is the German word for song recital. It dates to the 1800s, when musicians and music lovers would meet in homes, and singers would perform the songs of composers of the day. It was with the flowering of German literature, in the Classical and Romantic eras, that composers found inspiration in poetry that sparked the genre known as the “Lied”.

Many congratulations to our young musicians for their preparation and excellent musical collaborations!



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