Trinity’s catering team was recently left with a large amount of leftover fruit and vegetables that would have gone to waste.

There were 80kg of potatoes, 25kg of carrots, plus many other fruit and veg. This was due to the school being closed at short notice; meaning that the catering team had already placed and received their orders. So Mrs Burrage, Head of Community Action, sought out contacts at local food banks and local foodbank and charity, The Shrublands Trust was delighted to accept the offering.

With the help of Mrs Burrage’s six-year-old son, Joshua, their car was filled with the items and the goods safely delivered.

“Thanks to the catering team’s Jacek for coming into school especially to help,” adds Mrs Burrage, who jokes that Joshua even managed to carry 5kg bags of potatoes. “You can see how much we donated from my full boot and back seat!”

The Shrublands Trust’s foodbank is based in Shirley, Croydon. It provides food to people in the surrounding areas who are gong through a temporary crisis. There are many volunteer roles available within The Shrublands Trust, including roles as ‘food champion’ – someone who encourages and collects donated foods. This can be as simple as putting a collection box in your place of work or study.

“Trinity’s Community Outreach programme usually supports upwards of 50 local organisations, community groups and schools through extensive volunteering programmes, not to mention the fundraising undertaken for local and national charities,” says Mrs Burrage.

“All of these organisations have seen their armies of volunteers dwindle either through legal requirements, or through the health of those individuals being impacted by the pandemic – on top of the decline they have seen in their funding. Foodbanks in particular are seeing an increase in demand for their services, so any support we can give them at this time is hugely appreciated – representing a vital role the school is still able to play in supporting the local community.”

Well done to Mrs Burrage, Jacek and Joshua!

If you are interested in supporting any of the local organisations we have links with, whether a foodbank, support scheme for older people, or other charity, please feel free to get in touch with Mrs Burrage, to find a link that could work for you.


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