Once more, lockdown has provided the opportunity for many in our community to get creative.

Ms Ward has used the lockdown to hone her ukulele and song writing skills. The challenge has enabled her to have more empathy with students when they feel vulnerable.

Ms Ward, Pastoral Deputy Head and Designated Safeguarding Lead, said: “A couple of years ago I got fed up with being jealous of all the fabulous musical talent in our student body, and made it my New Year resolution to learn the ukulele.

“My main aim was to persevere, even when I was doing badly and finding it hard, and since I am not a natural musician it is quite hard for me all the time!

“This has given me an insight into how vulnerable and nervous you can feel when you are a beginner – something that we forget as adults because we stick with what we already know to be our talents! It has been really good to help me empathise with students who are struggling with their work”.

Ms Ward continued: “I was finding it hard to motivate myself to practice during lockdown, so I started to re-write well-known songs to fit the situation. This version of La Vie en Rose (which I have called La Vie on Lockdown) is one of the pieces I have written”.

This is Ms Ward’s first ever ‘performance’ for anyone outside her family – we are sure you will join us in saying “Well done!”

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