Sixth Formers Will Perry and Kiran Pillai presented their talk ‘Brexit: No deal, no problem’ to a packed room of students and staff last week.

Here is their account:

“We wanted to dispel some of the myths and fears around ‘no deal’, while still highlighting the possible benefits of a ‘no deal’ scenario. In particular, we sought to address the other Brexit options that the UK could pursue – and how, given the options currently presented by the Government, an initial ‘no deal’ exit could allow for a more desirable arrangement in the long term.

The talk was well attended and there were some thoughtful questions from the audience on a variety of issues, such as the impact on businesses currently trading with the EU, as well as the uncertainty surrounding the Irish border. 

We were pleased to see so many students and staff were keen to come along and discuss this important topical issue and would encourage all those who are interested to attend future PolSoc events”.

Well done to both, it’s clear from the photos how popular this hot topic was with students and staff!

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