A number of boys in Years 7 to 9 have been producing entries for a national competition run by the Royal Geographical Society entitled ‘Remapping our lives’.

For this year’s competition, young people have been asked to create an annotated map which reveals how their lives have been shaped by the Covid pandemic.

Judges are looking for maps which illustrate and describe why some places were important to individuals; places they couldn’t visit and why; local human and physical features used during the pandemic; whether the situation led entrants to experience any new places in their local area; how the pandemic changed their geographical understanding of their local area; and any links which ‘stretch’ their maps to other places which were also important to them during this period.

We have given prizes to a boy in each of the three year groups for particularly impressive work: Congratulations to Daniel Sarai in year 7, Charlie Pryce in Year 8 and Casden Cheong in Year 9.

Entries have also been submitted from Tom Haynes, Josh Gardner, Finn Leadbitter, Thomas Morrell, Leon Bird, Adam Herd and Victor Ibberson.

You can read more about the competition here.

Good luck, boys!

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