Well done to all of our younger students, from Junior to Third Year, who took part in the Mob Runs in the last week.

The event is open to all and is a great way for boys to get active and improve their fitness levels – especially after a lengthy lockdown. A huge thank you to all staff who helped also.

“It was fantastic to see the whole of the Third Year engage in their final mob run,” said Ian Kench, Director of Sport. “All students completed the course with some huge improvements in personal bests. Across Third Year, notable performances go to Alex Middleton, who won his fourth mob run in his time at Trinity. Franco Hillier came second and then decided to go run the last lap again encouraging his friends around their last laps, while James Gilmour who collected a Bronze medal in his first week at Trinity.”

In Junior form, Oscar Pickering came first followed by Charlie Goodbody and then Robbie Taylor. First Year saw Ed Thomas take gold, with Connor Richards and Alex Martin coming joint second. The winner in Second Year was Thabo Nkube with Tommy Wright in second place and Jayden Alabi and Max Anderson in joint third.

“It was a fantastic turn out. A good number of staff joined in, too,” added Matt Richbell, Director of Co-Curricular Activities. “We saw many supporting fellow form members, or those struggling to make it round. Many pushed themselves to run further or faster than they ever had before. Tommy Clark completed his first lap last year but this year completed the whole thing. It was also pleasing to see how many helped to tidy up at the end. It was a really good even but we did miss the parents.”

The final results by year are as follows;

[table id=29 /]

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