Well done to our younger students, from Junior to Third Year, who took part in our annual ‘Mob Runs’ recently.

This event is open to all and is a great way for students to get active and improve their fitness levels. Fortunately, each year, we see huge participation.

In Junior Year, particular congratulations to Oliver Michael, Jack Burke and Cobi Bahiti, while other top ten performers included Thomas Smith, Arien Patel, Toby Badejo, Lucas Waters, Nathan Fasida, James Williams and Julian Carpegna.

The First Year winner was Daniel Tough, with Robbie Taylor and Oliver Sewell winning Silver and Bronze. Also in the top ten were Michael Jerrom, Shay Ivory, Charlie Goodbody, Javahn Woode, Charlie Norris, Oscar Pickering and Matthew Beeney.

In Second Year, Ed Thomas, Connor Richards and Kat-el Ntiamoh came in first, second and third places respectively – with impressive performances also from Camilo Godoy-Murphy, Thomas Morrell, Jasper Munns, Miika Mink, Thomas Karelis, Josh Gardner and Sam Aikman-Beadle.

Meanwhile, Thabo Ncube was the Third Year’s winner, followed closely by Tommy Wright and Max Anderson, with impressive performances also from Kian Downey, Harry Webzell, Jayden Alabi, Daniel Aisa Miller, Ethan Sun, Euan Chan, Chibueze Ajaebgu, Daniel Owen and Oliver Stephenson.

A fantastic effort from all involved!



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