We are delighted to celebrate the outstanding set of A Level results achieved by our Upper Sixth students. They have achieved more A* grades than any year group pre-Covid, and already 92% of the year group have secured places at their first or second choice of course beyond school. 

In a cohort of 168 students, 32% of the A Levels taken were graded A*, with 65% at A*A and 91% at A*AB.  

Alasdair Kennedy, Headmaster, said, “These grades represent an excellent set of achievements by our students. They have worked hard, and these results have opened doors for them to the best opportunities in the UK, but the character and commitment they have shown will continue to serve them well through the rest of their lives.  It was lovely to celebrate this with so many of them and their parents this morning. We are proud of both them and the range of interesting routes they have chosen, and we wish them every success in the next stage of their lives”. 

Trinity A Level results 2023 Trinity A Level results 2023

We spoke to a few of the students after they had opened their results. 

Jasper said, “I am really pleased, I got four A*s in Maths, Further Maths, Physics and Chemistry and will be heading to Bristol University to study Aerospace Engineering, as it was one of the only specialist courses in this area. I am going to miss Trinity, the friends I made here and the ‘controlled havoc’ we used to wreak. However, I am looking forward to my new chapter and all that will bring.” 

Zoe took Maths, Chemistry and Biology A Levels and is heading to Exeter University to study Medicine. “I am very happy I got what I needed [big smile]. I have always loved science, but really decided to study Medicine while at Trinity. Mrs Highmore and the Careers department have been amazing, helping me with my personal statement. I have been a member of MDV Society from Lower Sixth and it has really helped guide me towards Medicine, with practical sessions and debates on contemporary issues. Although I have only been here two years, I have made friends for life.” 

Hugh said, “I took Latin, Ancient Greek, French and Religious Studies A Levels and am very happy with my results, I got three A*s and an A. I’ll be going to Christchurch Oxford to study Classics, which has always been my dream. The Classics department here has been amazing, always giving me the stretch and challenge I needed to push me further and getting me here today. I was very lucky to have one-on-one Greek lessons, it’s been amazing and nice to bounce off other passionate classicists.” 

Sophie studied Economics, Maths and English A Levels and is heading to Nottingham to study Economics and Philosophy. “I have only been at Trinity for two years, but I have loved it and I don’t think I would have got the grades I did without the help from the school: the support is unmatched. The fear of exam results and coming into get your results has bonded our group even more, I feel so happy for everyone.” 

Sam studied English, Politics and Religious Studies. He said, “I needed three As to get to Warwick to study Philosophy, and I got one A* and two As, so I am massively relieved. It has only been in Sixth Form that I’ve decided to study Philosophy, and I picked a broader subject as I am not too sure about job choice yet.” 

Daniel studied History, Spanish and German A Level. He says, “I got what I needed, which was A*, A, A to study Modern and Medieval Languages at Cambridge. I am looking forward to living more independently at university and having a broad mix of experiences.” 

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