Our Second Year students attended Online Safety workshops with Amy Lockwood from Childnet this week.

The group learnt how to manage their digital footprints; the age restrictions for certain apps, and the potential consequences of sharing content online.

Parents also attended a separate seminar in the evening, which covered a wide range of online safety concerns and gave practical tips to help their children stay safe online.

Barney Sayburn said “In a digital age, it felt comforting to be reassured of everything I need to know about safety online. The three grounds they covered were each very important, as I’ve seen careless online posts that were made without thought, perhaps to look cool, and the talk not only gave perspective, but provided us with information about the legal side of things, that provoked some thought about “thinking before clicking”. On apps like WhatsApp I’ve felt social pressure before, but knowing there are also alternatives, such as looking for advice from various helplines, it made me feel prepared for a situation where I may feel uncomfortable. In the future I’ll also keep an eye out for “phishing” websites and scams, which were made very easy to spot with the information given in Childnet’s talk”.

Theo Papacharalambous said “After hearing the Childnet talk I will not post any personal posts without thinking and also will consider using some of the privacy settings on my phone”.

Childnet believe that, when used properly, the internet is a positive tool for children and young people. They take a balanced approach, promoting positive opportunities, as well as addressing the risks.

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