This week saw the Trinity Sixth Form girls take on a team of staff in an exciting game of Netball. Mrs Bennett, Head of Netball, reports:  

“The annual staff versus girls’ Netball match took place in the Sports Hall on Thursday. As ever it was a highly competitive affair with the girls’ technical know-how pitted against the height advantage, but slightly out of control, staff team!  

“The girls got off to a flying start and won the first quarter with some great shooting from Maddie but the staff regrouped and came back in the second quarter to leave a gap of only two goals between the two teams.

“By the third quarter the departure of Mr Kennedy to more pressing matters left a hole in the Centre Court, but Mr Wilson could not replace the dazzling panache of the headmaster and clattered into Caragh Haspel a number of times! The girls took full advantage of this and had a fabulous third quarter with super shooting again from Izzy and a tight defensive display from Lucy and Holly, meant the staff struggled to score. Even the height advantage of Mr Kench was of little use against the ever-present Lucy Bullock.  

“Miss Goddard switched the team around putting Mr Beck in defence, which was a risky manoeuvre, but it paid off with the staff making a late come back in the final quarter. However, it was not enough, even with Ms Long’s super shooting, the staff were not able to claw back the deficit. The girls won 26-20 in what was a fabulous game! 

“It has been a season to remember for the girls and we all look forward to the World School Games, where this team will play against international teams that have travelled to England to compete. Best of luck to all involved.” 

We caught the girls’ team after the game, and they said, “Playing against the Trinity staff was much more challenging than playing the Sixth Form boys last week. They were well-gelled and really wanted to win! There were a few interesting moments, like when Lauren took out Mr Kench, but it was a really fun game. Our Player of the Match is Mr Petty, he was enthusiastic but a pleasure to play against…Mr Wilson could learn a thing or two!” 

Always an entertaining highlight of the calendar, well done to all involved! 

Staff Team 

  1. Mr Petty 
  2. Mr Pieterson 
  3. Mr Kennedy 
  4. Mr Kench 
  5. Mr Wilson 
  6. Mr Beck 
  7. Mrs Hayler 
  8. Miss Goddard (Capt) 
  9. Ms Long 
  10. Ms Herdman 


Girls Team 

  1. Maddie Maher 
  2. Izzy Crispin 
  3. Lauren Baldwin 
  4. Caragh Haspel 
  5. Holly Young 
  6. George Budden (Capt) 
  7. Lucy Bullock 

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