Trinity musicians Ying Lo, Ross Ah-weng, Eliott Richards, William Albuquerque and Charlie Davies gave a highly successful tour in Venice this half term.

A demanding schedule saw the group perform five recitals in six days at venues including Palazzo Cavagnis, Palazzo Albrizzi, Villa Roberti and the Conservatorio.

Each concert received tremendous applause from the highly enthusiastic Venetian audiences, who packed out the venues and gave the talented group standing ovations after every performance.

Previous Trinity Steinway Scholar and recent Trinity alumnus Charlie Davies, said:

“As a short break from university, I thoroughly enjoyed this year’s trip to Venice. With our accommodation being in the heart of the city and right above one of our concert venues, when not rehearsing or performing there was plenty of opportunity to soak up the atmosphere of the floating city. Our performances were also in fittingly stunning venues with impressively sized crowds, including the renowned Conservatorio di Musica Benedetto Marcello and Villa Roberti in Brugine. It was a trip I shall never forget”.

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