The Trinity Music Department has recently received a fantastic set of results following students’ examinations for instrumental playing or singing.

Each term students sit for examinations, working their way up from grade 1 to grade 8 and diploma level. As the examinations take place towards the end of terms, we usually get results during the following term. 

We have had notable success at grade 8 and diploma level with twelve students recently achieving either merit or distinction. Many congratulations therefore to: 

  • Lucas Rebato – ABRSM diploma with Distinction
  • Daniel Battersby – Grade 8 Piano with Distinction  
  • Jasper Bew – Grade 8 Electric Guitar with Distinction
  • George Edwards – Grade 8 Clarinet with Distinction
  • Eliza Farrar – Grade 8 Piano with Distinction
  • Simeon Wren – Grade 8 Piano with Distinction
  • Isaac Rogers – Grade 8 Violin with Distinction 
  • Daniel Fernandes – Grade 8 Violin with Distinction 
  • Daniel Ekundayo – Grade 8 Flute with Merit
  • Sam Fradin – Grade 8 Oboe with Merit
  • Aarav Ganguli – Grade 8 Flute with Merit
  • Luca Baker – Grade 8 Jazz Saxophone with Merit
  • Ethan Hocquellet – Grade 8 Saxophone with Merit   

Special congratulations to two students who achieved exceptional marks: Isaac Rogers (143/150) and Leo Jemison (146/150).   

Congratulations also to all the students who achieved Distinction in their examinations: Alix Chan, grade 1 Viola; Thomas Smith, grade 1 Clarinet; Leo Jemison, grade 7 Singing; Edi Haka, grade 7 Trombone; Thushan Peiris, grade 6 Singing, Victor Lanaspre, grade 5 Clarinet; Joshua Lai, grade 5 Clarinet and grade 7 Piano; Xavier Karelis, grade 5 Saxophone; Alexander Wright, grade 5 Piano; Felix Goodacre, grade 3 Flute; Rohan Duggal, grade 6 Viola. 


All Trinity students are encouraged to be actively involved in a musical activity. To support this, free instrumental lessons are offered to new students who have previously not learnt an instrument. 

Well over fifty instrumental groups rehearse each week, giving opportunities to players of all levels. These include orchestras, wind bands, jazz bands, guitar groups, percussion groups, and many chamber ensembles. 

The calendar boasts concerts, masterclasses, competitions, courses and tours, all of which are organised to provide the very best musical experience. 

To learn more about Trinity Music Department, please see the latest brochure here. 

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