Trinity launches Malawi Christmas Appeal 2022

We recently launched the Trinity Malawi Christmas Appeal 2022, aiming to raise vital funds to improve the future opportunities of children at Chipwepwete Primary School and support their wider community.  

We have had the honour of partnering with charity Hope4Malawi since January 2015 and, with the generous donations of our Trinity community, have raised over £100,000 so far – thank you!

This money has helped us provide more than 600 children at Chipwepwete Primary School with free lunches to help them learn; we have been able to build and resource three classrooms, a kitchen and a library; build a girls’ toilet block which is essential to encourage them to stay in education and there is currently a boys’ toilet block under construction; and we have also delivered seven projects benefiting the wider community. 

You can find out more about the history of our involvement in the project by viewing this short film. 

Every Christmas, we believe it is important to remember others who do not have the same resources and opportunities as we do. This year our Malawi Christmas Appeal is fundraising particularly to continue to provide essentials such as free school lunches and educational resources for every child. But, we also want to go further and are fundraising to build another double classroom block with storerooms at a cost of around £30,000 in total.  

Please join with us if you can and make a significant difference by donating via our JustGiving page.

In today’s economic climate we are even more aware that smaller donations as well as larger donations are impactful and important. Every pound helps and if we all do something small, together we can do extraordinary things.

For example: 

  • £15 provides a free school lunch and exercise books and classroom stationery for a child at Chipwepwete for a whole school year, with money left over to provide uniform for the most vulnerable 
  • £25 could buy 2 bags of cement (200 are needed)  
  • £50 could buy a window (24 are needed) or a new desk (60 needed)  
  • £100 could buy 100 cement blocks (4000 are needed)  
  • £1,000 could buy beams for a classroom  
  • £2,000 could buy iron sheets for a classroom  

For more information and to donate, please go to our JustGiving page  

Zikomo! (thank you)

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