I am grateful to have such a valued member of the 1st team give back in this way.

1X1 Keeper Tom Leigh is delivering specialist training via Microsoft Teams to ensure our younger goalkeepers do not miss out during lockdown.

Tom takes the boys through specific movements and relevant fitness challenges essential for hockey goalkeeping.

With minimal equipment, he is delivering some fantastic coaching whilst maintaining his own high level of performance as second choice goalkeeper for Oxted HC in the Premier League.

Any Junior Form or First Form interested in becoming a Hockey goalkeeper is warmly invited to send Mr Giles an email so he can give you a link to attend Tom’s excellent sessions.


"I am delighted to see Tom running such a fantastic opportunity for our future Hockey goalkeepers. Tom is a brilliant role model for aspiring 1st XI and Premier League goalkeepers. He is an exceptional athlete who conducts himself extremely professionally in all aspects of Trinity life."

Mr Giles, Head of Hockey

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