This week our Second Year geography students carried out fieldwork in the Ashdown Forest.

Head of Geography, Christopher Ruck, said: “It’s important our students are able to get outside and experience the things they study in the classroom. Being able to learn about different fieldwork techniques to capture geographical data and understand more about the natural world around them is incredibly vital at a time when the human race is leaving an unprecedented imprint on the earth’s ecosystems”.

Student Shayaan Imtiazi said: “The day out was fantastic! It was really exciting being in the inspirational ‘Winnie the Pooh’ woods! We got to venture across different and interesting terrain, climb up fallen trees, and wade around in the river to understand the different factors that change as you follow its course. My favourite part was when we were all eating lunch together, and I was just sitting on the edge of the bank by the river, watching the river flow by whilst eating a sandwich and immersing myself in nature”

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