This year’s trip to New York was another fantastic experience for our Economics and Business students.

Highlights included a visit to the United Nations, a Wall Street workshop on financial crashes, and a retail and marketing tour of the famous department store, Macy’s. The most popular activity was a meeting at Morgan Stanley, where their Vice President and some other employees gave our students valuable advice on how to start a career at an institution like Morgan Stanley.

In their free time students relaxed at an Ice Hockey game and a Broadway show, as well as soaking up the atmosphere of the metropolitan city.

Sixth Former Jessica Crawford said: “I really enjoyed the trip to New York.  It was so interesting to be inside the Morgan Stanley offices and get some helpful tips about the business world and how your career path can change so much within one company. Also learning about Wall Street crashes and when so invest money into business was very insightful, as it’s something I’ve thought about doing in the future. I’m so glad I went!”

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