This week was Diversity Week at Trinity School, Croydon, and the community came together in a series of inspiring events and experiences to celebrate our diversity. Thank you to everyone who organised or participated in an event, the week was a huge success. Highlights included: 

Asian Society/Economics Society 

To kick off Diversity Week, Lower Sixth student Ansh Shetty (Asian Society founder) discussed ‘How one man swindled a nation: the Harshad Mehta story’ as part of Economics Society. Asian Society was formed by students earlier this year, and has already hosted a Kabaddi tournament and collaborated with societies to discuss the Indian Film Industry and Israel-Palestine crisis. 

Ansh said, “I was fascinated to learn how much Harshad Mehta managed to swindle [by acting as a mediator between banks], and how he had identified the loopholes in the system which enabled him to do this. Although the effect of his actions brought down the Indian stock market and plunged many people into poverty, you have to admire his boldness.” 

ASC presented African Drumming 

ACS presented an invigorating African Drumming workshop in the Circus during Tuesday lunch. The energy was infectious as both staff and students enthusiastically embraced the rhythmic beats and vibrant melodies. It was a joyous occasion, filled with laughter, learning, and a deep appreciation for the cultural heritage woven into each drumbeat. 

History Society 1.40pm Rm 25: Identity and Belonging: Challenging Historical Perspectives and Narratives (5th Form upwards)   

Language Fair 

The Language Department organised an event to celebrate the variety of languages that members of our community speak. Staff and students came together to share games and challenges in languages including Urdu, Gujarati, Swedish, Czech, Afrikaans and Italian. Students from the Junior Year up to the Sixth Form enjoyed learning a bit about different languages and gaining an appreciation of their peers and staff! 

Guest poet Guy Kelton Jones I 

We were delighted to welcome guest poet and artist Guy Kelton Jones I to Trinity to lead a talk in Literary Society and also to lead and facilitate the inaugural Benjamin Zephaniah Poetry Prize. Guy was born in New York but grew up all around the southern United States, and has used his passions, ever-changing environment, and beliefs to forge a career for himself that is like no other. He is a singer, songwriter, rapper, creator, teacher, and performer in the artistic disciplines and was a wonderful inspiration to staff and students during Diversity Week. 

Benjamin Zephaniah Poetry Prize 

As part of the Benjamin Zephaniah Poetry Prize, students gave outstanding performances of their own work, writing poetry on the theme of My Voice Matters with the prompt ‘what moves me’. The library was alive with spoken word that empowered the students and celebrated their diverse ways of being and seeing. Aaron Borteye (Junior), Louis Potter (Third Year), James Lai (First Year), Keaden Beckford (Third Year), Faisal Rassoli (Second Year), Rob Wilding (Upper Sixth) and Ibraaheem Leacock (First Year) were especially commendable in an afternoon of universally great poets. Congratulations to everyone involved. 

Non-Uniform Day 

Thursday’s Non-Uniform Day saw many students, particularly in the Sixth Form, choose to celebrate their heritage by wearing cultural clothing. This is becoming an annual tradition which the students enjoy participating in. 

And more… 

There was a Diversity Week art competition, Miss Manisier spoke to students about ‘Evolving diversity & inclusion in STEM’, History Society explored ‘Identity and Belonging: Challenging Historical Perspectives and Narratives’, Lower Sixth student Semiloore Bankole presented ‘Lost Lore: A deep dive into Africa’s hidden mythologies’ during Classics Society and the week coincided with the Sixth Form play After Life, which was adapted from the Japanese film ワンダフルライフ by Hirokazu Kore-eda. 

Staff and students also enjoyed delicious food from around the world all week in the restaurant – thank you to the catering team! 

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