After a wet start to the year, the Trinity community garden is exploding into life as the warmer weather has encouraged this year’s crops to grow and encouraged more staff and students to enjoy spending time there. 

The Junior Year regularly spend their morning form time in the garden, tending to their own planters. Gardening Club runs every Tuesday lunchtime, some Upper Sixth revision sessions recently took place amongst the plants and the Art Department are planning on taking inspiration from nature and running drawing workshops outside. 

In terms of crops this year, we have started to see potatoes peeking out of the ground, strawberries starting to flower and are waiting for carrots and kale to emerge. Oregano and thyme are growing well in the planters and Miss Manisier has kindly donated tomato seedlings which will be planted out in due course. 

If anyone has surplus seedlings, the gardening team is always happy to accept donations, please get in touch with Mrs Prestney, Head of the Green Council, who established the garden. 

The next big project to aid plant growth, is to construct a greenhouse made from recycled plastic bottles. This has already started to take shape, as the picture shows, and is a wonderful lesson in reusing plastics for good. 

In addition, Mrs Prestney has just signed up to ‘30 Days Wild’ run by Surrey Wildlife. This annual nature challenge encourages everyone to do one ‘wild’ thing a day every day throughout June. Students will be encouraged to participate and spend more time in the Trinity community garden as part of this. 

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