It has been wonderful to see how Trinity’s new community garden burst into life during the Easter holidays.  

At the end of last term, Field Day saw a group of enthusiastic students make wonderful progress digging, setting up the greenhouse and planting seeds. There are a variety of plants now growing well in the garden including sunflowers, peas, peppers, beans and tomatoes.  

JBugs gardening

Each JBug form group has a dedicated raised planter which they tend to every Wednesday during their form time. Given the choice of plants, they will be able to harvest the produce before the end of summer term.

The team is now looking to build a shed, create a wildflower area to provide bees, butterflies and other pollinators with food throughout the year and arrange some additional beds. There are plans to keep developing the space every year so it can be enjoyed by the whole school community throughout the year. 

Trinity community garden

The community garden has been established by Trinity’s Green Council as part of its campaign to highlight ‘the importance of green’. Both gardening and being in green space are proven to have a positive impact on mental, as well as physical, wellbeing.  

As well as ensuring the younger students are involved every week, there is an open club during Friday lunchtimes so students from any year group can get involved. 

The Green Council would like to thank all staff and parents who have donated items or time to the community garden. A special thank you to parent Sue Payne who has generously donated a huge amount including tools, bulbs and seeds from her gardening and landscaping company Q&S Limited.   

We are always on the lookout for additional volunteers to help maintain the garden. Plus, if any other parent would like to contribute but has no products to offer, you can still donate via Wisepay Community Garden. 

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