Last week, Trinity held its first-ever Colour Rush event for this term’s Non-Uniform Day, as a brilliant way to raise money for the student-chosen national charity Cancer Research UK and bring the whole school community together on a beautifully sunny Friday evening. 

Eager students signed up to cover themselves and each other in coloured powder paint, while completing a fun run around the edge of the school grounds. After an initial countdown and hurling of paint, students emerged from the coloured cloud and started off around the course. They had to navigate five further paint stations, at different points, where staff and Sixth Form volunteers were ready and waiting to bombard them with even more paint until some participants were barely recognisable! 

Many teachers signed up, including the Headmaster Mr Kennedy, and one brave student even completed the course dressed as a traffic cone. Students ran round the course multiple times adding extra layers of paint to their old white clothes, hair and skin. 

Afterwards, the grounds team enjoyed being on hand with their leaf blowers to help participants shake off some of the loose paint. 

Student-run snack stalls and an ice-cream van also showed up to give everyone a well-deserved treat after completing the run and to raise more money for charity. 

First Year student Theo said, “That was brilliant, I can’t wait to do it again next year!” 

Mrs Burrage, Head of Community Action, said, “I am thrilled with how enthusiastic the Trinity community has been, and the look of pure joy on everyone’s faces has made organising the event so worthwhile. It’s not only a brilliant way to end the week and have fun, but we’ve also raised over £1,500 for Cancer Research UK. Thanks to everyone who took part and helped organise the event. I am looking forward to an even bigger event next year!” 

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