Trinity choir backs Caroline Polachek

We were delighted to welcome back American singer-songwriter Caroline Polachek in a renewed musical collaboration with our talented Trinity singers. 

The former Chairlift frontwoman visited the school recently to record a choir of Trinity boys and girls providing the backing for her song which is part of a new album due for release in early 2023. 

Trinity has collaborated with Caroline on a few previous occasions, she first visited Trinity to record music for an art installation by artist Matt Copson in Paris and was impressed by the singing and our state-of-the-art recording studio. She then visited to collaborate with our choir for her second single ‘Billions’. This was released pre-Covid and included a feature recorded by our choir in the school’s studio. A glowing review of the single from Pitchfork magazine describes how Caroline’s, “high caliber vocal performance…drops out entirely in the final minute, letting the Trinity Choir take the reins for an epic finish”. 

The song ‘Billions’ also featured in her tour concert at The Roundhouse in London last year when five members of the Trinity Girls’ Choir were invited to back Caroline in the final two numbers of her show.

Upper Sixth students Eliza Farrar and Ekaterina Ivanova (pictured left with Caroline) were two of the students who sang at The Roundhouse and were delighted to sing again for the track ‘Butterfly Net’ on Caroline’s highly anticipated second album. 

We wish her every success for her second album and look forward to hearing the final track.

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