For the first time since before Covid, Trinity has entered two highly skilled teams into the Surrey-based Briant Poulter Chess League (the largest league in the UK), marking our commitment to competitive chess. One team competes in the standard-play division, while the other takes on the rapid-play division. This return to in-person league participation has injected a fresh wave of enthusiasm among our burgeoning school chess community. 

The teams wasted no time making their mark this season, starting with an exhilarating set of matches last Friday, hosted at Trinity. The first team faced off against the formidable Sutton Grammar team, and their performance did not disappoint. In a series of intense and prolonged matches, Trinity’s first team demonstrated their prowess despite the ultimate outcome—a 2-4 loss. Notably, Sixth Form students David Onadeko and Jake Mulrenan secured victories, showcasing their exceptional skills. 

Trinity’s second team, comprising younger talents, also made their presence felt. They engaged in a closely contested match against Reigate Grammar, managing to secure a draw. Among the standout performances were those of Third Year students George Bradney Mullin and Eddie Phillips, who demonstrated remarkable potential on the chessboard. Congratulations to all involved and thanks to Bobby Akeya-Price for his superb captaincy.

Chess at Trinity has been growing in popularity and during lockdown, students played chess against each other online to stay connected and enjoy the intellectual challenge of the game. As students returned to school, this newfound enthusiasm for chess didn’t wane; instead, it evolved into a full-fledged passion. 

In fact, Chess Club was the most popular co-curricular activity last year and shows no signs of slowing down this year. Every Tuesday, from 1.40pm, M3 is buzzing with students, from beginners to advanced players, aiming to checkmate their opponent. On top of this, any students can be found engaged in intense matches in the library before school, during breaktime, lunchtime, and even after school hours. Chess has become an integral part of the school’s social fabric, connecting students of different ages and encouraging strategic thinking. 

Mrs Upton and Miss Eminsang lead Chess Club and participation in the league, Miss Eminsang says, “I think we have very strong teams and I look forward to an enjoyable and successful season of chess this year. Good luck to all students who will represent Trinity over the coming weeks and months.” 


Photos taken of students playing in the library last year.

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