This week saw Trinity’s inaugural Culture Week – jam-packed full of celebratory events designed to engage our community with a range of cultures and customs from all around the world.

The student and teacher-led event was designed as a school-wide opportunity to meet new people, try new things and have some fun, whist also allowing us all to express who we are with others, with pride and enthusiasm.

From themed displays in the library and the Shaw Gallery, to the exploration of new sports such as Kabbadi from India and Kī-o-rahi from New Zealand, we also enjoyed a language fair, with various interactive games and challenges, a number of thought-provoking talks in clubs and societies, and food from India, Morocco, Portugal, China and Poland…

The week has also seen the creation of a whole-school mural project and a cultural arts competition – the brief being to create something that embodies what culture means to you; whether a piece of art, music, film or video, a poem or a piece of writing… send your entries to Mr Petty by Monday 29th November!

Sixth Form student, Tate Nicol, explains: “Culture Week was an event scheduled and managed entirely by the senior prefect team with the help of the Sixth Form staff. We were given free rein to develop and execute ideas that we thought celebrated and educated the school body about different cultures. It was important to us that we were inclusive of all different types of culture, whether that be religious or international cultures… I hope that this event can promote more discussion and act as a template for future events.”

With any thanks to the senior prefect team for making this event happen!



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