Last week was British Science Week and the overall theme was ‘Connections’. During the preceding whole school assembly, four members of the student-led society ‘Everyone for STEM’ led a discussion on the theme.  

They talked about representation in science and called for the incorporation of more diverse role models in science lessons. The whole student body has been asked to share scientists they feel represent their culture or heritage so they may be considered for inclusion in school science programmes in the future. 

Special events 

In addition to the usual range of science-related co-curricular activities and timetabled lessons, students also enjoyed some special events to celebrate science. 

On Monday, Chemistry teacher Dr Steer ran Trinity’s very own episode of CSI and several JBugs enjoyed being forensic scientists for a lunchtime.  

On Tuesday, First Year students were put through their paces in a Science Mastermind quiz. We found that it was amazing how the sight of an Easter Egg prize focuses the mind! 

Just along the corridor, Biology teacher Miss Goddard ran the hugely popular ‘Science of the Lambs’ events. This provided Third Year students with the opportunity to witness and assist in a lamb dissection, which many found fascinating. 

Science Week lamb dissection

The week ended with a ‘bang’ as Dr Manchester wowed students with his ‘Flash, Bang Chemistry Show’. Despite the fireworks there wasn’t a single singed hair at the end! 

Inspiring students at home 

During their lessons that week, Second Year students worked in teams to complete a ‘connections’-based problem-solving activity with finite resources (mini marshmallows & spaghetti). They had to build the tallest structure, and one of the class records was 63cm.  

Following the lesson, Humphrey B had enjoyed the activity so much he was inspired to have another go over the weekend and achieved an impressive measurement of 117cm. Well done Humphrey for challenging yourself to have another go at home. 

Trinity student tries Science Week challenge at home

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