To coincide with National Careers Week, Trinity held its own inaugural Careers Week, with a jam-packed week of talks from recent alumni. A total of 12 former students came back to school to discuss their career journeys into various fields including finance, law, government, computer science, medicine, professional sports, and psychology.   

The talks were open to students from the Fourth Year and above and aimed to inspire and guide them as they navigate different routes. Talks were held during lunchtimes, as part of co-curricular societies, and students had the opportunity to engage with alumni and ask questions in an informal environment.  

Although the talks covered different sectors, there were common themes, which students were grateful to hear:  

  • If you’re considering a degree, make sure it’s something you’re passionate about, rather than doing it because you think it’s the right one for a specific career because…
  • There are many routes into different careers, it’s never too late to change 
  • Work experience is important, but it doesn’t always have to be relevant to your chosen career. Softer skills learned through jobs in customer service or coaching young people can be just as valuable 
  • Employers value individuals with a positive attitude, natural curiosity, ability to think laterally. 

The programme of talks was complemented by further resources and guidance from our Futures team, to empower students as they think about their next steps. 

The week was a great success, with well-attended talks and engaged audiences. We are grateful that our alumni answered questions in an honest and helpful manner – thank you to everyone for giving up their time. 

Highlights from our students: 

“I’m interested in pursuing a career in finance after a degree in humanities, so I valued his discussion of the ethics and the community that he experiences in the workplace.” 

“When Daniel-Paul related his experiences in law to Trinity. It helped me translate what he was saying to my own life. It was very useful and interesting to listen to.” 

“I really enjoyed hearing Mr Kenlock speak about the companies he has designed for. His story of going from a Nike store employee that constantly pestered others who were in the jobs he aspired to, to exceeding the job level he thought he would, reach really showed us that when you want something in life you have to put yourself out there.” 

“I think overall seeing a Black man who has come from Croydon and pushed through with his struggles with football and focused on his future to then having it pay off by having the job he loves the most, really appeals to me as a young black male.”  

“Zoe was brilliant! Not only an informative talk but very insightful into the realities of applying to medicine, the course, and post-qualification realities. Her insights into the more complicated and less talked about sides of medicine, e.g. angry patient, patients dying, admission difficulties were also useful to hear.” 

“That you can change your career and reinvent yourself whenever you want so don’t be scared and more importantly do something you enjoy.” 

Our next careers event will be the STEM Careers Event on Wednesday 20 March, when we will welcome three alumni who have pursued careers as a Catastrophe Modeller, a Flight Dynamics Engineer and a Process Modelling Engineer. We encourage our students from the Fourth Year and above to attend this event and explore the exciting possibilities in STEM fields. 

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