Many congratulations to the eleven members of Trinity Boys Choir who have been in Malmö, Sweden, since late August, rehearsing for performances of Britten’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Malmö Opera.

The premiere took place last Saturday and the production has been receiving rave reviews in addition to provoking a spontaneous standing ovation on the night.

Freddie Balcombe and James Roberts are sharing the challenging and important role of Puck. The four solo Fairies are Leo Jemison (Cobweb), Harry Lamb (Peaseblossom), Isaac Rogers (Mustardseed) and Ben Fletcher (Moth). The other singers who make up the chorus of fairies are Arlo Dezille, Benjy Gilbert, Victor Lanaspre, Albie Leslie and Luke Thornton.

There are ten performances, concluding at the start of November.


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