For the second year in a row, a group of four singers from the Trinity Boys Choir ‘FOUR’ performed alongside acclaimed French violist François Joubert-Caillet and his instrumental group, L’Achéron, at festivals throughout France. The singers comprise a treble, alto, tenor and bass, and are required to sing some very challenging music one to a part. 

Last summer, four Trinity Boys Choir members performed three concerts in France and Belgium with a programme called ‘Les Corsaires d’Elizabeth’ and presented a variety of pieces which may have been performed on the ships of Sir Francis Drake. This included sacred pieces, arrangements of sea shanties and works for instrumental ensemble.  

These concerts were so successful that invitations to perform in festivals throughout France this year followed.  

This summer’s FOUR has so far performed five concerts: at the Academie Bach, Arques la Bataille, the Pontoise Baroque Festival, the Sinfonia Festival, Perigord, the Festival des Abbayes Lorraine and at Les Musicales de Montagne.  

The treble and alto throughout have been Josh Webb and Christopher Bergs and the tenor and bass parts have been shared between Leo and Freddie Jemison, Lucas Rebato and Patrick Minton. All the concerts were received very positively by capacity audiences and the students even made an appearance on French TV news! 

The singers return to France later this month for a final concert and others are planned for next year. 

Freddie Jemison said, “I have sung in most of the concerts, both this year and last, and it has been an amazing experience. François and his group are some of the best players in the world on their instruments and are very supportive and friendly. The best thing for me was getting the chance to sing at a professional level with my adult voice as I had so many opportunities as a young singer at Trinity.” 

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