We are delighted that our tuition programme for local primary school children, delivered in partnership with the Rowdown Foundation, is able to continue despite this period of lockdown.

Face to face classes sadly had to stop when lockdown began, and the tutors initially had set up a shared Google Drive to share work and tasks for the children to carry on at home.

Lynda, one of the tutors, found the initial set up worked well for distributing lessons and tasks, but not collecting students’ work. Over Easter she put in a huge amount of effort to set up Google Classroom.

Gary Coy, Chair of Trustees, liaises with parents and answers questions on set up, whilst Lynda and fellow tutors Ed and Steph focus on delivering lessons.

So far, over 55 children have registered and the number is still increasing!

Gary Coy said: “It won’t be quite the same as the teachers being in the same room as the children, but it is the next best thing. Students can ask questions through the private messaging system and, according to parent feedback, they are all very keen”.

Trinity has been working with The Rowdown Inspire to Aspire Foundation for a number of years, supporting local children as part of a regular tuition programme.

We support three tutors running Saturday morning tuition for children from local schools as they work towards 11+ exams.

The ambition is that we can help bright children achieve their potential and secure places at schools like Trinity, that would otherwise be unaffordable, with scholarships and bursaries.

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