We were delighted to welcome back alumnus Kjellon Morris, who has completed a sequel to a comic strip canvas he first created seven years ago.

Kjellon said: “One day in Year 7, I went to the library after school. I asked the librarian, Ms Parlain, if I could use some printer paper, sat and I started drawing. I spent an hour or so making a comic, with a simple story. I showed Ms Parlain and she displayed it in the library for others to see. I promised her I would make another comic before I left the school”.

Fast forward to now, around 7 years later, and the original comic is still displayed on the library wall. Kjellon produced a bigger comic on canvas, which shows how far has has come since that day. He went on to say: “It’s a thank you gift to the school, for helping me find what I love to do. I like to create things, and make things that others can enjoy and learn from”.

The characters are the same ones from the original comic and the the second comic concludes the story.

Kjellon left Trinity in 2019, and is now studying Computing and Games Development at Plymouth University.

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