We were privileged to welcome Trinity alumnus, Ben Stafford, earlier this week when he visited us to speak to Sixth Form Religious Studies A Level students.

Mrs Beresford-Miller, Head of Religious Studies, explains: “Ben spoke brilliantly on the subject of language in Philosophy, focusing specifically on Wittgenstein’s Philosophical Investigations, which he first read at Trinity and later studied at university.

“Although dealing with incredibly challenging concepts, Ben spoke clearly and with good humour. The talk was particularly appealing to some of our avid Wittgenstein readers in the Upper Sixth but was of benefit to all of our students.”

Ben read Philosophy and German at Brasenose College, Oxford. Philosophical Investigations (‘Philosophische Untersuchungen’) was published posthumously in 1953. The book is considered one of the most important philosophical works of the 20th century and continues to influence many working in the philosophy of language and mind.

Student Henry Bishop, who is applying for Philosophy courses, said: “It was refreshing to look at the wider significance of philosophical study during a term focused on university applications. Ben was elf-effacing and relaxed, making the talk a pleasure to listen to.”

Lucy McMullen added: “I’d say the talk was really engaging and gave me a clearer view of how considering Wittgenstein’s ‘language games’ can dissolve many philosophical problems by first solving our own grammatical errors of speech.”

And Barnaby Corry and Oscar Clarke, commented that it gave the audience “a comprehensive exploration into Wittgenstein’s philosophy” and that “the talk was an entertaining and funny walk through the maze that is German continental philosophy; in an attempt to explain why it’s all relevant.”




“We’re so grateful to Ben for giving up his time to challenge our A level students."

Mrs Beresford-Miller, Head of Religious Studies

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