Physics Society started the new year with a bang, with alumna Ellie Fisher (Class of 2021) returning to speak to an audience of over 50 students. Ellie is currently studying Physics at Durham and gave an engaging and interactive talk titled Planetary Temperatures and Atmospheres. 

Her presentation not only shed light on the mysteries of planetary science but also provided invaluable advice for aspiring physicists, encouraging them to think beyond the classroom. 

Ellie delved into the intricate dynamics of planetary climates and her ability to make complex scientific concepts accessible and engaging was evident as she explained the factors influencing planetary temperatures and the critical role of atmospheres in shaping a planet’s climate. 

Beyond her scientific expertise, Ellie generously shared her university journey and offered valuable advice to the aspiring physicists in attendance. She emphasised the importance of a well-rounded education and encouraged students to explore diverse academic interests. 

Ellie’s practical advice on crafting a compelling personal statement will undoubtedly prove invaluable to those students as they embark on their university application journeys. Her emphasis on the importance of work experience and the inclusion of podcasts in personal statements serves as a testament to her commitment. 

Ellie said, “It was a pleasure to speak to Lower and Upper Sixth students this week on some university level astronomy and my own university experience!” 

Dr Mariani, Teacher of Physics, added, “It was wonderful to see the way that Ellie has developed into a fantastic example of what we aim for with every student at Trinity: intellectually outstanding, curious and, just as important, selfless in her willingness to give up her time to speak to students. They all thoroughly appreciated the advice.” 

Thank you, Ellie! Your willingness to share your expertise and experiences with the Physics Society made this an outstanding event. 

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