Mrs Beresford-Miller, Head of Religious Studies, recently came up with the idea of a tree of pledges, on which both students and staff could place their individual commitments for change in order to create a more inclusive society. This initiative was launched to mark National Stephen Lawrence Day, which took place last week.

She explains: “I wanted to display the labels on a real tree but the British weather meant this wasn’t a practical idea. Luckily we have a brilliant DT teacher, Tim Chesters, who came up with a design for a tree and spent all his free time making the design come to life. He’s created something really beautiful that acts as a great focal point for the pledges.”

“I worked as police officer in the Metropolitan Police between 2002 and 2007 and since becoming a teacher, I have taught many students about Stephen – about his life, his death and the justice that escaped him and his family. It’s always been important to me that we teach young people about his legacy.

“One of Trinity’s aims is to make the school an anti-racist school and I wanted to come up with something that was creative and provided a visual representation of our intention. I also wanted to build on the Stephen Lawrence Day Trust’s maxim of a legacy of change. What better way for our students to think carefully than to pledge to make a change in their lives and to work practically to stamp out racism and, indeed, all discrimination…

“It’s been so amazing seeing the huge range of pledges that have come out of it – from pledging to read certain books, to donating money to anti-racist campaigns, to listening to other people, and my favourite one, from a Sixth Form student: ‘I pledge to be a bystander no longer’.”

We will be following up on these changes and giving more tutor time to students to explore what they have done and, most importantly, what they have learned. Thank you to students and staff who have been so enthusiastically involved.

“I hope that I have helped students to think about the small changes that they can make in their lives. Small changes that when grouped together will bring about exactly what is needed - a legacy of change.”

Mrs Beresford-Miller, Head of Religious Studies

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