This week, all Third-Year students travelled up to London for the annual Tube Line Challenge Geography field trip, to continue their investigations on development and inequality. 

Ahead of the trip, the students were split into groups and worked as a team to plan their route along a chosen London Underground line, stopping at various destinations along the way to carry out sampling. The idea was to compare how certain variables change along their route such as the cost of a cup of coffee, and what this indicated about the area they were in. 

Students chose a variety of routes including the Northern, Victoria and Elizabeth line and enjoyed taking in the city’s landmarks (and local delicacies) along the way. 

Trinity Tube Line Challenge  Trinity Tube Line Challenge

Everyone travelled by public transport for the day and had fun navigating the capital city as well as collecting data for their research project which they will analyse back in the classroom. There will be a prize awarded for the best project in each class. 

Miss Webber says, “The Tube Line Challenge Day is always a lot of fun when we take our learning out of the classroom. We have now built up quite a data set from running the geographical research project for over 3 years, which provides a fascinating insight to the changing picture of inequality across our capital city. Well done to the students for tackling a range of survey techniques along their chosen route, I look forward to seeing their finished projects.”   

Third Year student Liam McNamara says, “We collected data along the Cental line and the results were really interesting, especially how different the coffee prices were even just three tube stops away. Lunch in Liverpool Street was also great fun, it was very busy but really cool; I liked looking out from the balcony and seeing all the people swarming below.”

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