This week, our students attended a workshop with speaker Robert Higgs.

Robert experienced bullying at secondary school. His workshop included an emotional drama presentation about the effects bullying can have on an individual. He also discussed why people bully, how to deal with being bullied, who to report it to and how to react if you or someone else is being bullied.

Luca Baker commented: “The talk was a lot of fun but had a serious meaning behind it. He delivered it well and got the message through to everyone in a positive way. He told his story through past experiences of being bullied at school and how to protect yourselves if a situation like this were to happen”.

And Bobby Akeya-Price said: “It was fun, practical, and the message simple to understand”.

Temi Asanbe thought: “A strong message that bullying should not be tolerated and that warning signs of potential violence should not be ignored. He incorporated drama to help us understand and used relatable scenarios to help us understand and see the problems with ‘bants’”.

Maxwell Hardy added: “It was amazing and I am not exaggerating. Somehow Kevin (who is also a magician) managed to make an anti-bullying workshop fun. He added in humour and feelings while the whole time keeping it serious and calm. He seemed to read our minds as if he understands what it is like to be our age”.

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