Recently, Mr Hodge, Head of Third Year, hosted a ‘Good Human Breakfast’ – these are held at the end of every half-term to honour a select group of students who have set a brilliant example in the Third Year, upholding values such as kindness, respect, empathy and enthusiasm.

One student is selected per form by their tutor or their form group – or a combination of the two.

Mr Hodge explains: “The ‘Good Human Breakfast’ was one of my favourite parts of the half-term, and I am so pleased with the example the boys are setting. Developing the students into kind, empathetic, respectful and enthusiastic people sets an example to those in the lower years and it will also serve the boys well when they leave the school. I look forward to rewarding more ‘good humans’ this year!”

 Very well done to Kristian, Theo, Isaac, Sabeeh, Adhi and Ethan.




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