Third Year students have been considering ‘The Problem of Evil’ this term, and tackling the question: “How can a loving God allow evil to exist in the world?”

Dhyan Ruparel then wrote this outstanding essay contesting the view that evil proves the non-existence of God.

In his writing, Dhyan challenges the often-asserted view that logically both God and evil cannot exist, coming up with some strong justifications for his thesis.

“It’s wonderful to see a student, just starting out as a philosopher, write so clearly and with such evidence justification,” adds Mrs Beresford-Miller.

Well done, Dhyan!

“This is an outstanding piece of work. For someone in the Third Year to be able to write so well is incredible. We are so impressed by Dhyan’s eloquent and detailed writing, which wouldn’t be out of place from an A Level student.”

Kate Beresford-Miller, Head of Religious Studies

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